Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ultimate Kimono Style Guide

Summer Kimonos are made with a very lightweight sheer fabric and they have a natural flowy effect, to them, which makes them GREAT for summer layering.

What Style Summer Kimono look are you going for?
Classic Americana Kimonos
French Parisian Kimonos
Nautical Kimonos
Tie Dye Hippie Chic Kimonos

Pattern It Up Kimonos
Elephant Print Kimonos
Palm Tree Kimonos
Feather Pattern Kimonos

Aztec Pattern Kimonos

Native American Pattern Kimonos

22 Ways You can wear a Kimono:

Summer Kimonos can used to casual-ize your formal dress or can be used a  very casual. There are MANY styles of Kimonos to choose from and it can get overwhelming to decide. Kimono cardigans come in different lengths, cuts, patterns and colors. I love a good Kimono Jacket too :)

1. Kimono with a Skirt & Tank Outfit 
2. Kimono with a Romper
3. Kimono Cover Up Bikini/Bathing Suit - Kimonos make great Cover-Ups!
4. Kimono with Flare Jeans - for a Boho Outfit
5. Kimono with T-Shirt & Shorts - Add some color & flare to an otherwise normal outfit!
6. Kimono with a Summer Dress -
7. Kimono with Leggings Outfit
8. Kimono with a Summer White Outfit - for a Splash of Color!
9. Kimono with a Graphic Tees - Kimonos go Great with Graphic Tees for that Festival look!
10. Super Long Kimono with Heels -
11. Kimono with Jeans & Booties
12. Kimono with Tall Boots
13. Kimono with a Tight Bodycon Dress
14. Kimono with a Loose Knot in Front
15. Kimono with a Maxi Dress
16. Kimono and a Hat  - Kimonos go Great with a Hat!
17. Kimonos and Stripes  - Kimonos love Stripes!
18. Kimonos with Oversized Loose Tops
19. Tie Your Kimono with a Belt
20. Kimonos and Lots of Necklace Hardware
21. Kimonos Over Long Sleeve Shirts
22. Kimono Under a Leather Jacket

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