Tuesday, May 10, 2016

3 Major Fashion & Style Facts

Hi Readers!,

Welcome to the first blog post for Style Cutie Fashion! I'm excited to dive into the world of Fashion & Style with you and share some great finds.

I will start this Blog with 3 Major Fashion & Style Facts to Know.

Fact 1. Fashion (like food choices) should be considered and planned for on a DAILY basis. 

Let me make this clear right now: This does NOT make you a vain person.

Think about it:
Fashion choices take a lot of thought because you have to get up and get dressed every day.  And when you look in the closet, a lot of thoughts pop into your mind at once! Your fashion choices are based on a combination of factors: 1. How do I want others to see me today? 2. What impression do I want to make? 3. What season are we in?  4. Do I feel bloated today? 5. Do I want to be comfortable? 6. Do I want to look sexy / pretty / feminine / casual / rocker / tough / friendly / cool / sporty / professional today?  7. What have I already worn this week? 8. Who will I run into? 9. How do I accessorize this? 10. What shoes go with this?

whew! it can be seriously stressful!  and you end up with a pile of clothes everywhere because you're trying to find the perfect thing for the moment. Perfection takes thought and Planning.

2. Your Personal Style is made up of years of trial & error

That's right, you're going to get some things wrong every now and then. Those are the times where you would say, "That was just a phase." In reality, you were just testing to see if that was your thing or not.

Style is what makes you Unique to the rest of the world. It's GREAT to be yourself! The tough part is KNOWING who you are. You're not born knowing immediately what you like, what you stand for, what you strive to be, what your hobbies are, your taste in music, your taste in books, your taste in friends, what you DON'T like (which is super important to know)...

3. Putting Together Outfits takes Investigative Work and Observational Skills!

Chances are, you were never taught how to put outfits together for the seasons. Unless you were fortunate to be taught from a young age -- in which case, you have a lot of thanking to give to your fashion mentors!

Putting together outfits is a skill that you should master. Luckily, we have the internet and a lot of fashion blogs out there (like this one) to help you on your journey to fabulousness! You just have to set time aside to research and read and observe your fashion gurus!

Which accessories go with an outfit, what shoes go with an outfit, what outfit to wear for the appropriate season...

Let me know your thoughts on these facts!

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